The Houston Series

This series was created as an attempt to reconcile the unique geography of a location with a specific emotional response. The city of Houston is flat; it is planned. There are grids and order, and those characteristics foster a sense of comfort and predictability. However, my experiences there were anything but comfortable and predictable. The drawings shown here (Houston 001a through Houston 008a) are exercises in understanding this disconnect.

Mixed media paintings (Houston 001b through Houston 008b) accompany each drawing. The process of enlarging small hand-drawn lines amplifies the mistakes and allows for a different interpretation, akin to stepping back from a particular time and looking at it in a different light. The algorithmic approach to the application of colors is a parallel to how we rationalize and resolve issues in the aftermath of an event. Small cracks in this algorithm show that even the best-laid plans aren't always the best plans.

As a cohesive unit, Houston stands for lessons learned, mistakes made, the veil of control, and the battle between hope and unpredictability.

July 2008