The Sweet Science
(a series of works by Hunter Mack)

This series of works is done in response to The Sweet Science, a book by AJ Liebling (see it here). This collection of his writings from the New Yorker is one of the most influential sports books of our time; but, as great sports seem to do, it serves as a period snapshot. Liebling's prose is insightful and structurally beautiful. Case in point: "... emotionally, I long ago moved over to the middle-aged side of the field, and I root for mature judgement when pitted against the outrageous fortunes of chronology"

The first entry in this series revolves around the 8th round of a bout between Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis. This fight occurred on October 26, 1951 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The battle pitted a younger Marciano squaring off against an aging Louis, resulting in a devastating knockout. Visual proof ensues:

The second entry focuses on a fight between Archie Moore and Floyd Patterson, where Patterson knocked out Moore to win the heavyweight title at the age of 21. In the video below, see the 6:17 mark for the deciding blow.