Niilo Smeds releases new solo album

Our first release of 2017 comes from Niilo Smeds, who hails from Portland and is part of Dim Peaks (whose Time of Joy album is part of the GRR family). Once You Were A Baby drops on March 24th. The record is anchored by Niilo’s fingerstyle guitar, tape-echoed vocals and evocative lyrics. The songs were mostly self-recorded with a minimal setup at home in Portland, Ore., where he moved in 2014 after spending time in Fresno, San Francisco and Oakland. Greer McGettrick composed and recorded cello arrangements and Russell Higbee played Prelude synthesizer and YC-20 organ. Niilo played guitars, bass, Alpha Juno and MPC2000XL. Niilo mixed the record at home and Timothy Stollenwerk mastered it at Stereophonic in Portland.

Head here for more information.