Artist: Monster Rally
Title: Coral II: The Remixes
Physical Street Date: none
Digital Release Date: October 25, 2011


A full album of remixes from 2011's debut LP by Monster Rally featuring re-workings by a cross-country collection of talented artists. Mastered by Nick Carden at The Blue Room in Oakland, California.


01. Monster Rally - Color Sky (Cuzzo D & Waes One Refix)
02. Monster Rally - Sun Bum (Rimar Remix)
03. Monster Rally - Sun Videos (Brothertiger Remix)
04. Monster Rally - Land Ho / Masusa (Ander Remix)
05. Monster Rally - Soft Lamp / Palm Reader (Roman Ruins Remix)
06. Monster Rally - The Birds (Monster Rally Remix)
07. Monster Rally - Champagne / Holiday (Triangle Piece Remix)
08. Monster Rally - Cuban Velvet (Superhumanoids Remix)
09. Monster Rally - Moonglow (Yalls Remix)
10. Monster Rally - Heart of Grass (A Thousand Vows Remix)
11. Monster Rally - Rainbow Road (Teen Daze Remix)
12. Monster Rally - Ribbons (Shin Tower Remix)
13. Monster Rally - Swamp Campfire (Andrew G. Pernetti Remix)
14. Monster Rally - A Voice / Big Sur (Daniel Sex Jr. Remix)
15. Monster Rally - Splash Talk (Rumtum Remix)
16. Monster Rally - Story Ends (Teeel Remix)


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"Monster Rally ‘s Coral II is “hold onto your hats” good. A couple months ago Teddy Feighan released an album that sounded like Madlib meets The Beach Boys. This remix album is all the excitement and auditory annihilation of a monster track rally minus the annoying, “SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!” hype. With remixes from Teen Daze to Rimar it’s a fitting hip-hop meets chill beats rework of his Coral LP that dropped in January. I think these remixes are so fucking on point. Don’t miss out on these fantastic tracks, give ‘em a listen and it’ll rev your engines."
- Potholes in My Blog

"How is it Monster Rally has yet to take over the indie world at large? Why are we being subjected to the motion sickness of trends that can be summarized as nausea-waves, while Monster Rally goes unnoticed? The artwork alone should sway interest in his direction. Whatever it may be that is keeping Monster Rally off the grid (hermitic anonymity?), we shall continue to big up the Midwest tropicalia-hopper with loving bytes of coverage."
- IMPOSE Magazine

"Hands down, it’s the best collection of remixes ever executed by an equally excellent arrangement of musicians and producers."
- Hearing Gold

"Monster Rally have produced some of my favorite releases this year (for a few reasons, not the least of which is the beautiful vinyl from Gold Robot). They’ve always been pretty generous with their music in quantity, quality and price, so it comes to no surprise that the newly released Coral II remix album would include sixteen tracks and be completely free. And unlike a lot of remix albums (even the pricey ones), these aren’t just throwaway tracks."
- I Guess I'm Floating

"These kiddos have really outdone themselves with this Coral II: The Remixes EP. I had to post both songs because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. This track above gets real funky and off the wall, so of course you know I’m into it. I have no idea who Triangle Piece is, but I know I want them to lick my…face, after hearing this track. The below track has got some sexified 80’s video game soundtrack vibe going on, combined with these hymnal chants, that frankly, I can’t get enough of. Superhumanoids are just sexy in general, so I’d expect nothing less."
- Gluttony Is The New Black