Morningbell - Sincerely, Severely

Format: 12" Vinyl
Run: 100 (Classic Black)
Cover Art: Nancy E Lenches-Alegret
Design: David Claytor
Release Date: September 13, 2019
Price: $19.99


Sincerely, Severely defies definitions. With influences ranging from Curtis Mayfield and Al Green, to the Beatles and the Flaming Lips, to bossa nova and South American folk music, it is a madcap rampage through styles and forms. Morningbell's intent was to make a collection where each song could have come from a different album, but all worked together as a cohesive whole. Called "astonishing" and "impossible to classify or resist" on its release in 2009, the album is presented here in a remixed/remastered 10th anniversary edition, sounding better than ever.


01. Morningbell - Let's Not Lose Our Heads
02. Morningbell - Marching Off to War
03. Morningbell - Hello, Dali
04. Morningbell - Soul Ma'am
05. Morningbell - Dancing in the Jaws of a Lion
06. Morningbell - Stay in the Garden
07. Morningbell - The Blue Whale and the Fly
08. Morningbell - Sincerely, Severely
09. Morningbell - King Mango Strut
10. Morningbell - Pictures of the Sun
11. Morningbell - Good Morning, I'm Here
12. Morningbell - Oh, Return
13. Morningbell - Shoot It Down
14. Morningbell - It Was All Mondays



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