Roman Ruins - PASTOR/AL

Format: 7" Opaque Orange Vinyl
Run: 500
Cover Design: Hunter Mack
Release Date: July 6, 2010
Price: $5.00


This record is the result of a collaboration between the musician Roman Ruins (Graham Hill) and the artist Hunter Mack.


01. Roman Ruins - Why Party?
02. Roman Ruins - The Comedown



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"Hill’s apparent affinity for New Wave is all too present, but not overly done. The pulsating synth and staccato drum march steadily alongside Hill’s washed out vocals. Through combining a myriad of influences, Hill builds an impermeable fortress of sound that’s hard to escape. We already can’t get it out of our heads!"
- Sundae Magazine

"“The Comedown” is a hidden beauty with multiple layers of sound combining to create something special. It sounds like a trip to something great and beyond our imagination. I wouldn’t want to comedown from that."
- We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Pastor/Al is actually the collaboration of Graham Hill, who provides the musical aspects on the album, and Hunter Mack, who created the art. And art it is — Mack lends an abstract eye to the project, incorporating various textures and a brilliant palate to the visual piece. To further enhance its beauty, the music itself is branded onto an opaque orange disc seven inches in diameter. Pristine! The A-Side track is “Why Party?”, a hip melodic piece that is a smooth as it is masterful. “The Comeback” is the flip-side track and while it doesn’t quite match its predecessor, it holds plenty of weight on its own. Mine came with a digital download that included two remixes of “Why Party?” Both matched the original....check it out then head over to Gold Robot Records and grab one of the hottest pieces of wax you’ll find this year."
- FensePost

"I was blown away when I first tuned in to the B-side “The Comedown” for the first time. Complete with woozy vocals and skylit synths, the track is a definitely headphone listen that is sure to capture your attention until the last airy syllables."
- Part-time Music

"Graham is really conscious of creating an entire experience, it sounds impressively in the moment, with the sheer amount of sounds keeping the layers always surprising. That can be an exhausting experience, but there's always with an underpinning of a strong melody. How ever many crazy directions it's going, however ambient the nature of this track, it always involves a complex way of getting there."
- 7inches

"Roman Ruins is the project of Beach House’s touring drummer Graham Hill, but don’t expect that tidbit to tell you much about his music. “The Comedown” starts off with enough pads and arpeggios to give it a semi-prog feel, before collapsing completely and starting again at a slower speed. Hill gives the song plenty of breathing room, and when everything comes together again, it gives the track an ending that feels totally natural."
- Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good

"From a packaging standpoint this opaque orange 7” housed in a carefully designed abstract jacket is near perfection and then there’s the music…The A-Side “Why Party?” is layered dreamy synth pop at its best. Ambient electronics mix with hazy vocals on this slow jam. The soundscapes manage to stay modern while maintaining their retro cool. The B-Side “The Comedown” is my favorite of the two tracks with its catchy pop tune sensibilities and pulsing synth appregios. The backing vocals swirl around the mix effortlessly. This 7” from top to bottom is a must have."
- RAD Vinyl

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