Not the 1s - Everybody's Rappin

Format: 12" Vinyl (Picture Disc)
Run: 300
Design: Matt Gondek
Release Date: June 10, 2016
Price: $17.99


Everybody's Rappin is the second album by Bay Area rap duo Not the 1s. It features guest raps by Kool Keith, Prego w/ Zest, and Wz1. Beats and production by Edison Victrola, Yalls, Monster Rally, Waes One, Jules Chaz, and Debmaster.


01. Not the 1s - Not the 1s to Be Gamed On [prod. by Edison Victrola]
02. Not the 1s - I Can't Live With You (feat. Prego w/ Zest) [prod. by Yalls]
03. Not the 1s - What's He Talkin About? [prod. by Monster Rally]
04. Not the 1s - You Wack (feat. Kool Keith) [prod. by Waes One]
05. Not the 1s - Lite Years [prod. by Jules Chaz]
06. Not the 1s - Soda Popinski [prod. by Waes One]
07. Not the 1s - Bro (feat. Wz1) [prod. by Edison Victrola & Waes One]
08. Not the 1s - You Can't Scare Me [prod. by Edison Victrola]



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"We've heard several songs from Not the 1's off their forthcoming LP, and they seem to a have a pretty great formula: write rhymes that take great joy in boastfully talking trash and lay them over beats that combine big classic drum breaks with modern effects from a variety of talented producers." - The Bay Bridged

"(Not the 1s) revitalize hip-hop’s golden age sound in a jungle filled with trap/drill. This is for the disenchanted with today’s hip-hop scene and a breath of fresh air." - Sly Vinyl

"It was J-Live who first announced “everybody’s rappin’ / but only few can flow” on his ’96 classic “Braggin’ Writes” cut. Even in ’96 the rap dilettante scene was reaching critical mass. It feels like no coincidence that same year marks the release of PaRappa the Rapper on Playstation. Bay Area duo Not The 1s are well aware of the history in rap dilettantes as displayed on the forthcoming Everybody’s Rappin’ 12″ picture disc." - IMPOSE

Interview on IMPOSE Magazine (w/ Not the 1s and Yalls, who produced a track)


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