Jay Stone


Jay Stone is a 27-year-old lyricist coming out of the Bay Area of California. He was cultivated in the confines of Richmond and Oakland. His natural love for music and expression through art and writing is what drove Jay Stone to start making his own music. His deep intrest and appreciation of ‘60's and ‘70's Funk, Soul, and R&B music is a corner stone in his beat selection. Sampled live instrumentation and eclectic rhythmic patterns are often the foundation in the production of his music. Jay Stone's career in music stems from a natural gift in painting mental pictures with his words. His uncanny ability to give multiple perspectives in a story is one of his strongest points. His early work was a culmination of thoughts and emotion that was raw and unrefined. Jay released his debut EP, Melodious Miscreant, in the fall of 2012. It was received well by local audiences, and was instrumental in his growth as an artist. Since then he's dropped his second EP, 16th & Adeline, that released in fall of 2013. He has performed live at numerous shows in the Bay Area, SWSX in Austin, and recently had his first New York show. Jay's current project is a collaborative EP with producer Monster Rally. It will be released in early 2015 on limited-edition vinyl by Oakland based record label, Gold Robot Records.



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Monster Rally & Jay Stone

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Monster Rally & Jay Stone



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