Jay Stone - Calibration Of An Altered Mind

Format: 12" Vinyl
Run: 500 (Translucent Orange Crush)
Design: Alfred Vidaurri & Lola Mae Wells
Digital Release Date: November 9, 2018
Physical Release Date: December 7, 2018
Price: $17.99


As one of the Bay Area’s prominent rising artists with relentless lyrical style and charisma, Jay Stone is heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s Funk, Soul, and R&B. Sampled live instrumentation and eclectic rhythmic patterns are often the foundation in the production of his music. On the footsteps of two EPs and his collaboration with beatmaker Monster Rally, Calibration Of An Altered is an album filled with the growth and expansion that Jay has experienced over the recent years of his life.

"The protagonists is tortured down to the core..."
"Just a glitch in the system, another problem to ignore..."
"Either takin' or you giving, fakin' or pretending..."

According to Jay: "This album is the process of acknowledging your conditioning and indoctrination of societal ideologies and beliefs, the eradication of these misconceptions and skewed perceptions, and the purging of an array of emotions through the recollection of events. We are all programmed from our adolescence, and very few of us acknowledge that. Many of us aren't aware of the mass amount of research and development paired with "generational fearmongering" that shapes our world view. It cripples our subconscious with advertising, religion, and inhumane acts of violence. Societies' number one tool to control you is fear ...once they have you full of fear, they can dictate the way you think, and therefore strip you of your "free-will". This album is the calibration of MY altered mind, based on the experiences and thoughts that race through my conscious and subconscious minds."


01. Jay Stone - Flying Monkeys
02. Jay Stone - Problem to Ignore
03. Jay Stone - Good Seat (feat. Queens D. Light)
04. Jay Stone - Take Control (feat. Jjhazz, Queens D. Light, & Lauren Dupreé)
05. Jay Stone - Patent Pending
06. Jay Stone - Fortitude (feat. Anthony Dragons & Queens D. Light)
07. Jay Stone - Meaning
08. Jay Stone - Told You (feat. Black Spade)
09. Jay Stone - Created (feat. Jjhazz)
10. Jay Stone - Smiles, No Frowns
11. Jay Stone - Silverback / Wallets
12. Jay Stone - Cognizance



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"An artist on the rise who is just starting out to stake a claim as one of the most important west coast emcees out there. Having already pushed the stylistic/genre envelope before with Monster Rally’s Ted Feighan & previously with Trippy Swaggert, Jay Stone proves that he has only just begun to change up the game with an inclusive & instantly addictive command of the mic with life-earned wisdom." - Impose Magazine

"On “Flying Monkeys”, Jay warns listeners that “Flying Monkeys don’t negotiate, they just paper chase and player hate”. In the verses, he quickly ruminates on subjects ranging from Dennis Rodman and Madonna to junior high nostalgias to social problems in America with a flow that is sharply rhythmic yet effortlessly smooth at the same time. Producer Micah Aza’s beat has the up-front drum track and sample you’d expect from classic hip-hop beat, but somehow gives off subtle, more modern cloud rap vibes in the process. All in all, it’s a solid intro to the next chapter in Jay Stone’s career." - The Bay Bridged

"The Oakland and Richmond based rapper spits with a density and off-kilter delivery reminiscent of acts such as MF DOOM and Ghostface Killah. The record turns an eye to his changing hometown in the midst of an ever-changing landscape in the San Francisco Bay Area. You might’ve been sleeping on Jay Stone before today, but wake up now!" - Thizzler

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