Jay Stone - STONE STU

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Digital Release Date: September 15, 2023

STONE STU is about what and how we feed ourselves. We feed our bodies, minds, and spirits in many different ways. We feed our bodies with the physical food that we eat and drink. This affects us greatly and immediately. We feed our minds with the ideologies, information, and emotions we collect. This guides the way we view ourselves in the world, and fuels the decisions we make. Lastly, we feed our spirits with the beliefs, relationships, and addictions that are attached to us all. This determines who we are as individuals. The album is an expression and audible illustration of all the foods we feed ourselves and one another. STONE STU is a recipe that feeds the soul, excites the senses, and soothes the mind.

The eclectic mixture of sounds on this album is what makes it a stew (STU). That coupled with it being produced by jazz musician, Doug Stuart a.k.a. Dougie Stu. It has a warm texture throughout, and also an array of color and tone. Driven by electric bass lines and Rhodes piano chords, the album is filled to the brim with KORG synths and live instrumentation. From the live flutes and violin on "Minced Saffron" and "Gumbo", to the live trumpet on "Slow Simmer", and the live drums throughout the entire album. Even melodica chords season tracks like "Oven-Ready". All these audible ingredients give STONE STU a unique take on genreless music. It's made of too many things to name it just one.

The inspiration of the lyrical content, written by Jay Stone, comes entirely from personal life experience. This differs from many of Stone's previous works that are from an observational perspective of the world around him. This album features more internal emotional outpour. Pulling from inward makes it more approachable, yet still gives you a tightness in your neck on bolder tracks like, "Pink Salt". The album was also inspired by the musical relationship and friendship between the two minds who came together to make it. A "brother from another" connection and collective excitement to make the album, kind of enabled the album to make itself primarily. There wasn't any trying to "come up with something" when making the album. It was a very organic and enjoyable process creating these songs. Smoking weed, and talking about life and philosophy in the backyard was the intro to each session. The constant capturing of moments.


01. Jay Stone - GUMBO (feat. SANDU NDU)
02. Jay Stone - NON-GMO (feat. NAPPY NINA)
03. Jay Stone - OVEN-READY (feat. ANML PLNT)
04. Jay Stone - PINKSALT
06. Jay Stone - SLOWSIMMER (feat. LAUREN DUPREÉ)
07. Jay Stone - LEMONLIME


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