Fox Hands - Peoplenoswan

Physical Street Date: none
Digital Release Date: May 25, 2010

The second entry by Seamonster side-project Fox Hands, a gurgling march into the windswept woods at the break of dawn in the spring.


01. Fox Hands - Peoplenoswan
02. Fox Hands - Branches
03. Fox Hands - Jars
04. Fox Hands - Nosebleed


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"Fox Hands goes on at his own place, spreading his wings more and more with each release. And this damn tiger still makes me roar with joy. The french label Steak Au Zoo will soon release his new Ep, like any good host, and as everybody there keeps smiling, I give you my smile too. With my tachograph in my hands, I’ll be counting the next miles you’ll go through the blogosphere ! Because you will go far…" - Delicious Scopitone

"Fox Hands from Virginia Beach make some delightfully colourful, sample heavy pop. Their strong layered vocals and eccentric percussive techniques show ties to Animal Collective. His vocals however have a distinct streak of folk music running through them and give off a Fleet Foxes type sound." - Life Aquatic

"Love this track by Virginia Beach’s pop experimentalists. Bendy, wavey and scrunched up into a sound salad of only the freshest greens - I think the croutons were made of Panda Bear." - yvynyl

"Right off the bat, this EP is all fuzzy beams of tropical light. Like Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drink, one sip and you will be floating above the ground. Utilizing the looped sample format, Fox Hands manages to take a simple concept and make it utterly sublime. Waves of reverb echo all over the place as warm waves of color and noise gently massage your eardrums. The EP’s best moments even remind me of good ol’ Panda Bear".- Cactus Mouth

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