Magic Waters - Pinky Swear EP

Artwork: Ryan Lee
Digital Release Date:March 27, 2020

Magic Waters is the project name for singer-songwriter and recording engineer, Ryan Lee. As a guitarist, bassist, and eventually drummer in bands based out of New York and Santa Cruz, Ryan developed an ear for thoughtful arrangements and the art of recording. This project came to life in 2019 after Ryan built a recording studio, affectionately called Paradise Garage, in the backyard of his home in Santa Cruz, California. His self-produced and debut EP, Pinky Swear, is mostly about his adoration for his family and the power of visualization.

Originally, Ryan sat down to record these songs in an effort to familiarize himself with his newly constructed home studio. However, after finishing the songs, it became clear that they turned into something special. Each song demonstrates Ryan’s versatility as a singer and producer. He seamlessly blends personal stories with observations on society’s unresolved issues like gun-control and income inequality. This EP truly represents Ryan and is a fitting introduction to Magic Waters.

01. Magic Waters - Our Vision
02. Magic Waters - Pinky Swear
03. Magic Waters - Making Ends Meet


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