Morningbell - Oddities

Artwork: Morningbell
Digital Release Date: October 14, 2016

Bonus tracks, covers, and a deconstruction of their Boa Noite album are all part of the free "Oddities" EP.


01. Morningbell - Name the Color, Blind the Eye
02. Morningbell - There Is Not Enough of Nothing
03. Morningbell - You Know It's True (I Assume)
04. Morningbell - In the Morning of the Magicians (The Flaming Lips Cover)
05. Morningbell - Boa Noite Deconstructed


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"One song, on this set of oddities, really sticks out with me since I've always thought Curtis Mayfield and the Flaming Lips were the two artists I hear the most of when listening to Morningbell. So, in honor of Mr Mayfield and Morningbell, why not share their lush cover of the Lips' "In The Morning Of The Magicians", from '02s Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots?" - Paste Magazine

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