Niilo Smeds - Open Channel LP

Artwork: Niilo Smeds
Digital Release Date: June 21, 2019

Open Channel, the latest full-length from Niilo Smeds, builds on his past Gold Robot releases with a set of ten solid tunes based around vocal and guitar. He recorded and mixed the songs himself at home over the past two years. No instrumentals this time around, and no studio collaborators, save for mastering by Rob Jackson. Most of the songs were written between 2015 and 2018, although ‘Lumber Rolling Down’ was built from a fragment begun in the mid-2000s. ‘Light a Candle’ and ‘Red Eyes’ started in somewhat different forms as Dim Peaks songs, and were part of that band's live set in 2012-2013.

01. Niilo Smeds - Your Words Mean Nothing
02. Niilo Smeds - Light a Candle
03. Niilo Smeds - Lumber Rolling Down
04. Niilo Smeds - Prattle On
05. Niilo Smeds - Cracked Eucalypts
06. Niilo Smeds - Red Eyes
07. Niilo Smeds - I Showed Up The Other Day
08. Niilo Smeds - If There's Something
09. Niilo Smeds - Across Armored Air
10. Niilo Smeds - In Time All Things are Melded


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