Quarterbar - 2009

Artwork: Noah Blumberg
Digital Release Date: March 1, 2019

In 2009, Quarterbar began collecting beats and writing songs for a new album. When other projects and major life events intervened, the album was delayed and re-crafted to incorporate new circumstances. The result is a pop record named after the year it was first imagined. Over beats with chopped-up guitar samples and synth, you’ll hear songs about death, insecurity, complicated relationships, dealing with scoundrels, and growing up.

01. Quarterbar - Love of Mine
02. Quarterbar - Why Are You So Cruel to Me?
03. Quarterbar - Do You Run
04. Quarterbar - Regard This!
05. Quarterbar - Give In to the Violence
06. Quarterbar - Now That I Know
07. Quarterbar - The Obvious
08. Quarterbar - The Great Embarrassment
09. Quarterbar - Unemployed and Undefeated
10. Quarterbar - I'd Never Let 'Em Hurt You
11. Quarterbar - Slowly Being Pulled Out to Sea


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