Conveyor - Ani Mag

Artwork: Stephen Rockwood
Digital Release Date: October 21, 2014

Ani Mag is an extended play recorded by three members of the band Conveyor (T. Masters, E. Garfield, G.A. Busch Jr.) on 5 October 2014. It was engineered and mixed by Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez at Gravesend Recordings (Brooklyn, New York, USA). It was mastered by Nick Carden at the Blue Room (Oakland, California, USA). The artwork was created by Stephen Rockwood (Brooklyn, New York, USA).

Ani Mag comprises four songs written during the latter half of 2013 and the first half of 2014. The four songs were recorded on one day in the interregnum between fall recording sessions for a full-length Conveyor album, at a separate location from the album recording sessions.

“Wry Thing” has manifested twice in the last six months on arguably equal terms, hence the version presented here, which is different from the way it is performed live and the way which it appears on the upcoming full-length Conveyor album. “Headache” is an exercise in lengthening motif across repetition (in this case thrice). “Holly” is a companion piece, which companion is to be revealed at the time of the album release. “Free Born Natural” was recorded with a busted Harmony-brand acoustic guitar tuned from the standard EADGBe down one-and-a-half steps and comprises two identical yet discrete performances panned to either side of the stereo spectrum. Lyrically, it is a nexus between the old and the new; previous Conveyor releases and the yet-to-be-released are represented in equal parts.


01. Conveyor - Wry Thing
02. Conveyor - Headache
03. Conveyor - Holly
04. Conveyor - Free Born Natural


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"“If it looks strange, trust me, it will be stranger yet” comes early in Conveyor‘s new EP, Ani Mag. Given that these four tracks are stripped-down, acoustic skeletons, some of which will be fleshed out with the band’s bombastic style on their upcoming 2015 full length, it will be stranger yet. Their first full-length featured plucky guitars and Tropicalia swagger (“Mane“), while last year’s “Mammal Food” single showcased summery harmonies in a haze of distortion. With Ani Mag, tracked in one day at Gravesend Recordings in the Brooklyn art space Silent Barn, this Brooklyn-by-way-of-Florida act packs away their enormousness in exchange for early-’70s singer-songwriter delicacy. Even if the mellow quality of these songs isn’t permanent, they provide a welcome opportunity to clearly hear the fusion of voices and musical proficiency that makes Conveyor a group to watch."
- Wondering Sound

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