Lazy Knuckles - Bucolic

Digital Release Date: September 11, 2015

Bucolic, the title of the debut album by Ohio-based Lazy Knuckles, comes from the origin of the word itself - meaning "the pleasant aspects of the countryside". Lazy Knuckles portrays the idea of wandering through the wilderness on a breezy summer day, exploring nature while listening to sample-based experimental music.


01. Lazy Knuckles - Dreams of Memories
02. Lazy Knuckles - Eternize
03. Lazy Knuckles - Sleep Inn
04. Lazy Knuckles - Bucolic
05. Lazy Knuckles - Sudser
06. Lazy Knuckles - Numb
07. Lazy Knuckles - Insciens
08. Lazy Knuckles - It's Supposed To Rain
09. Lazy Knuckles - U Were Right
10. Lazy Knuckles - America
11. Lazy Knuckles - Polyglot
12. Lazy Knuckles - Turn(s)





"The beauty of music is that there is no right or wrong answer. Your favorite track may be my least favorite and vice versa. There is no correct answer which describes Lazy Knuckles' latest single "Polygot." The Ohio native recently signed to indie label Gold Robot Records in which he released his debut album Bucolic. The producers ambient lead single is a journey, as is the entire album, that we do not want to end. The steady drum pattern steadily drags us along as we are lulled by the haunting vocals of an unknown siren." - Dope Music Blog

"Lazy Knuckle’s “Sudser” douses soap opera tripping Latin guitar romantics in an electro-beat bath of bubbling suds. The instrumental track whispers drones that create the valley-like expanses of land and fall burnt amber air, as the guitar strings wrap wooden porch humility around vocal-edit flips and MPC step-skip kicks n’ punches. The accomplishment here is how “Sudser” creates a sense of home and place that fits into the motif of Bucolic where Klaiber crafts a signature in brush strokes birthed out of experience with a thrill for the search, futuristic growths, that naturally bloom like bountiful fruits of labors harvested as dope rhythm tracks." - IMPOSE

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