Roman Ruins - Isotropes

Run: 200 (Gulf Coast Smoke Vinyl 12")
Design/Layout: Graham Hill
Physical Release Date: February 9, 2024
Digital Release Date: February 9, 2024
Price: $24.99


Graham Hill has long shown interest in the convergence of music and architecture, and his third album as Roman Ruins feels like a groundbreaking ceremony. On Isotropes, Hill is crafting songs that can be lived in. After nearly a decade since his last solo release - time that included touring and recording as the drummer for Beach House - Hill is building around melodies that embed themselves; creating familiar, inviting spaces amidst arrangements that conjure chaotic beauty of the outside world.

Hill has teamed up with several New Orleans-based artists, including vocalists Maggie Koerner (Galactic) and Alexis Marceaux (Sweet Crude), as well as Oscar-winning producer Donald Markowitz and multi-instrumentalist Paul Provosty (Deltaphonic, Flow Tribe).

Each song on Isotropes has distinct properties—not unlike a piece of terracotta or chunk of metal—unique in shape, but with internal consistency. As a whole, the album creates a walkable field of tunes that evoke a desire to connect and welcome, while calling to the wheel of anticipation > elation > melancholy that propels into hope, rolling all the way home.


01. Roman Ruins - Holden Hands
02. Roman Ruins - Drum Machine
03. Roman Ruins - Ascendancy (feat. Alexis Marceaux)
04. Roman Ruins - Watch Me Leave
05. Roman Ruins - Gulfport Revelation
06. Roman Ruins - Spirit Guide
07. Roman Ruins - Can't Pretend (feat. Maggie Kroener)
08. Roman Ruins - Above the Trees
09. Roman Ruins - Invincible
10. Roman Ruins - Spoken For


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"(A) head-nodding affair, full of many layers of sound and texture, coupled with Hill’s ghostly vocals."
- 3hive

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