Not The 1s - Why You Cryin?

Format: 12" Green Vinyl
Run: 250
Art: Michelle Romo & J. Betrue
Digital Release Date: August 2, 2011
Physical Release Date: September 13, 2011
Price: $12.00


The debut album from SF/OAK rap duo Not the 1s (Cuzzo D & Mawnstr) features songs about being fly, driving space-age cars, and shoplifting just for the kicks of it. Beats by Lunice, Daedelus, Mexicans With Guns, Young L, Waes One, Eric Steuer, dÉbruit, and Monster Rally.


01. Not the 1s - "You Dress Like an Asshole" (prod. by Lunice)
02. Not the 1s - "Your Dad Hate Me" (prod. by Daedelus)
03. Not the 1s - "To the Last Drop" (prod. by Waes One)
04. Not the 1s - "Speedin on You Slowpokes" (prod. by dÉbruit)
05. Not the 1s - "Silverstein Status" (prod. by Monster Rally)
06. Not the 1s - "Fly as Fuck" (prod. by Young L)
07. Not the 1s - "Boostin" feat. Waes One (prod. by Eric Steuer)
08. Not the 1s - "Not the 1s" (prod. by Mexicans with Guns)



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"Not The 1s is the latest project generated, at least in part, by Eric Steuer, an honest to God hip-hop intellectual and lo-fi rapper of the culturally sensitive type. The group's debut, Why You Cryin', is a massive cross country collaboration that has Eric Steuer (Cuzzo) and Alex Christidis (Mawnstr) presiding over a promising list of contributors like Daedelus, dEbruit, and Monster Rally. Eric and Alex's first tune, "You Dress Like An Asshole," is a hilarious diss of badly dressed Jersey bros and cultural illiteracy, animated by some deep beats and sharp production work by Lunice."
- Altered Zones

"On their upcoming debut, Why You Cryin?, out in June on Gold Robot, the Bay Area team features production from such heavyweights as Mexicans With Guns, Lunice, and dEbruit. On "Your Dad Hate Me," they are backed by none other than Daedelus, who speeds up and mutates a fluorescent '80s soul backdrop with pressurized drums, glittering keyboards, and a shard of an R&B singer shouting "baby!" Not The 1s complain in fast-paced flows about their woman troubles, even though they show up four hours late to pick up their girlfriends. The track is almost like a motormouthed, hilobrow, smart alec flip on "Parents Just Don't Understand," except it's their girlfriends' parents."

"Thus far we know the types of fashion Not The 1s ain't trying to see and we know that your dad is not letting you out of his watch when the duo comes knocking, but every group needs a theme song. The self-titled debut is a stuttery Mexican With Guns-produced burner that declares just how raw Not The 1s intend to bring it - like a shark bomb jet. No gimmicks, "Not The 1s" is the verbal calisthenics that will shush the haters wondering if Not The 1s intend to deliver that "real hip hop shit"."
- Impose Magazine

"Bay area rap group Not the 1s just hit our speakers with the baddest beat from the block. “You Dress Like an Asshole” was produced by Lunice and now will forever shine from that kids San Diego Pardres‘ t-shirt above. Representing for the fashionably challenged 619 area code. I couldn’t resist."
- Kick Kick Snare

"Not The 1s c’est un projet de hip-hop dont je n’arrive pas à savoir qui est le fondateur du délire, en tout cas les mecs qui sont à la prod des sons et bien c’est Daedelus, Lunice ou Mexicans With Guns. Un mélange électronic hip-hop avec des influences de funks. Du lourd, très très fat …"

"Hippity-hoppity. Not the 1s – päris-päris värske ja väga tõsised tegijad abiks. Juunis album väljas ja biidid on sealpeal räpi taha ehitanud Lunice, Daedelus, Mexicans With Guns, Young L, Waes One, Debruit ja Monster Rally. Ja Daedaluse produtseeritud rada ilmus just postkasti sügavustest välja. Paljulubav."

"Cool, nostalgic, and unapologetic--just the way I like my rap. Not the 1s spit game and come out swinging to a catchy sample that keeps the song flowing without taking over. Everything works in harmony with each other. "
- Colossal

"Bay Area hip-hop duo Not The 1s recently released the Why You Cryin’? LP through our friends at Gold Robot Records, featuring a veritable bucket list of producers including Daedelus, Mexicans With Guns, Lunice, and GR’s shining star Monster Rally. “Silverstein Status” sees the dynamic rappers going old school over Monster Rally’s worn-out 45s tropicalia and vocal samples."
- I Guess I'm Floating

"Even after multiple listens, you’ll still find something new to enjoy. Elements are definitely a throw back to arguably better times in the music, but they do it as if no one else wanted to try to dominate with movements that never lasted, it’s merely a continuation of the goodness."
- This Is Book's Music

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