Monster Rally - Crystal Ball

Format: 12" Vinyl
1st Pressing Run: 250 (Clear Vinyl)
1st Pressing Release Date: November 1, 2011
2nd Pressing Run: 750 (Transparent Sapphire) + 750 (Smoky Quartz)
2nd Pressing Release Date: June 16, 2015
Design: Ted Feighan
Price: $19.99


The long-awaited repressing of Monster Rally’s Crystal Ball album comes out on June 16th. The Los Angeles (by way of Cleveland) producer created the bulk of the material in 2010 during the sessions that would eventually lead to his Palm Reader and Coral releases. The largely instrumental compositions reincorporate the dusty paths of Exotica and Tropicália, assimilating structures more recently forged by hip-hop and electronic crate-diggers. The resultant sounds hint at a strange utopia, warm and inviting yet located just over the horizon of reality.

The reissue features expanded artwork, a single-gatefold jacket, and vinyl-only bonus tracks. Two different vinyl colorways were released. The first edition, limited to 750 copies, is pressed on Transparent Sapphire wax and is available online and in retail stores. A second, exclusive pressing of the album (also limited to 750 copies) was available to members of record of the month club Vinyl Me, Please. The VMP version featured Transparent Smoky Quartz colored vinyl and a new original art booklet with liner notes.


01. Coast to Coast
02. La Kooka
03. Beach at Night
04. Garbage City
05. India Take Two
06. Swanky
07. Gotta Make A
08. Drousy Waters
09. Cop Showz
10. Don't Forget
11. Grass Shack
12. Roof Hiding
13. Feet All In
14. Lone Rd
15. Creeping Ghost
16. Sahara
17. Crystal Ball
18. What To Do [vinyl only]
19. Teenage [vinyl only]
20. Logic Police [vinyl only]
21. Jungle Lights [vinyl only]



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"Monster Rally sent over Crystal Ball, a collection of loop-based material that was recorded “in an unbelievably hot attic” during the Palm Reader sessions of July 2010. It’s intriguing to hear him work with more vocal-heavy samples with this record, which almost serves as a primer for the rest of his catalog."
- Dipped in Dollars

"Monster Rally released a 17-track collection of tracks done in 2010 entitled, Crystal Ball. He recorded these psychedelic dream-jams when he was working on his Palm Reader EP. A lot of cool melodies and surf-pop beats going on on this one."
- That's Deck

"It’s chopped up walks on the beach and sunsets set to a metronome."
- Sound on the Sound

"Caught in the Summer blues? Sitting inside like a sad sack with your hand in a potato chip bag? Get your ass out side and blast the new collection of Monster Rally songs."
- Weekly Tape Deck

"... this gorgeous eliding of weed-curated lost vinyl treasures"

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