Roman Ruins - Source of Pride

Format: 12" Vinyl (Cyan haze on Milky White)
Run: 300
Design: Graham Hill
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Price: $15.99


Source of Pride is the second full-length album by Roman Ruins (Graham Hill). The album continues his exploration into the distinctive yet evolving sound of his solo recording project. The songs on Source of Pride formed as Hill moved his family from Oakland to New Orleans, where he now lives and works as an architect and a father to 2 young children. Hill often worked late at night, which helped define the aural landscape that belies each track. As the songs began to take shape, Hill's wife remarked how "every time I'm pregnant, you're pregnant with an album." The lyrical themes on Source of Pride address the relationships, rituals, and revelations that constitute family.


01. Roman Ruins - Loved One
02. Roman Ruins - Sister
03. Roman Ruins - Why Do You Cry
04. Roman Ruins - Grandfather
05. Roman Ruins - Family Ties
06. Roman Ruins - Brothers
07. Roman Ruins - Drifting Home
08. Roman Ruins - Wedding Day
09. Roman Ruins - Loved One (Moss Of Aura Remix)
10. Roman Ruins - Loved One (Meanest Man Contest Remix)
11. Roman Ruins - Sister (High Chief Remix)
12. Roman Ruins - Why Do You Cry (Monster Rally Remix)
13. Roman Ruins - Family Ties (Yalls Remix)
14. Roman Ruins - Brothers (Conveyor Remix)



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"As Roman Ruins, Graham Hill makes music that threads together generations, a rich, psychedelic pop that points to the future as heavily as it nods to the past."

"(F)antasies suited for a summer full of wanderlust."
- Yours Truly

"The percussion is lovely and soft, allowing the playful keys and whimsical vocals the space to dance around with each other, arms locked, gazes fixed, two perfect forms held together as one."
- Gold Flake Paint

"With a pulsing rhythm and gently flowing keys, it’s an airy and blissful groove that just exudes warmth and comfort."
- Turntable Kitchen

"It’s a song that starts out slow, but keep on listening, a nice and steady beat drops in to create some special moments throughout the tune. Somehow, it keeps getting better and better with each and every listen."
- Austin Town Hall


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