Mira Cook - A Level Lower

Format: 12" Vinyl
Run: 500 (Translucent Mint)
Design: Nicolas Schaltegger
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Price: $17.99


A Level Lower, Mira Cook's 4th studio album, is introspective and whimsical - exploring personal power, imagination, and the natural. The Texas native's early contact with music came from Eastern chanting groups she attended with her parents, studies in classical piano, and living in an ashram in India for her kindergarten years. After studying ballet and classical piano in Austin, she spent 8 years in California dancing professionally and developing her musical style; she continues to perform dance and music frequently in New York, where she currently lives.


01. Mira Cook - A Level Lower
02. Mira Cook - She Wolf
03. Mira Cook - Dreams
04. Mira Cook - Alive
05. Mira Cook - Want To Be One
06. Mira Cook - Married
07. Mira Cook - Yoda's Eyes
08. Mira Cook - Blues
09. Mira Cook - Cave of Exile
10. Mira Cook - Slip Away
11. Mira Cook - Undergrowth



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"The hypnotic lead single off the songwriter and dancer’s upcoming album A Level Lower, projects the pack leader as a cosmic entity with powers that command our respect: “bow down at her feet / don’t show her you’re weak”. Ripples of Stereolab and Siouxsie’s The Creatures lend a wintry sense of the sublime; granted, Cook also attended Eastern chanting groups at an actual ashram in India as a child, so the divinity she channels here may stem from a far less conscious source. Nevertheless, “She Wolf” reminds us that even a developed nation of conquerors regarded the mother wolf as the ultimate creator, a symbol of unbridled energy. And Cook clearly takes that fierce independence to heart."
- This Is Not A Drill

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