Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Coasting

Format: 12" Black Vinyl (One-Sided Etching)
Run: 250
Design: Ted Feighan
Release Date: December 4, 2012
Price: $14.00

Coasting is the second collaborative effort from Cleveland natives Monster Rally and RUMTUM. It picks up where the duo left off on their debut EP, finding the artists sharing samples, vinyl, and drums. Their funk-influenced, beat-driven tracks are put through a globe-trotting lens of Caribbean calypso (Sunbay Hotel), Middle Eastern dance (Veil), Peruvian cumbia (Chicks) and American soul (Coasting).

The title refers to the recent cross-country moves that Feighan and Hastings both made in the last year (to Los Angeles and Seattle respectively). The EP is a reflection of these new locations and has a sunnier, more upbeat vibe than MR&RT EP's winter influenced beats.

The artwork on the 12" is an internationally influenced piece as well. Combining Asian, Middle-Eastern, Native American and Indian cultural motifs, the EP artwork visually mirrors the sonic compositions that it represents. The etching on the vinyl is a Mandala, influenced by Tibetan sand paintings.


01. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Sunbay Hotel
02. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Coasting
03. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Veil
04. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Island Heat
05. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Chicks
06. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Walter's Jam
07. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Wilson [digital only]
08. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Short Joint [digital only]
09. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Double Flute [digital only]



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"Well-curated samples of juke, funk, break, and Peruvian cumbia flex and flourish on the peak of the second edition of the two’s EP beat-mance, Coasting. John Hastings lays up his hyphy electro panning for the raider of forgotten genre, Ted Feighan, to lace into this mesmerizing, limbo-swing neck breaker."

"(T)he cross-continental producers assimilate genres like tropicalia and lounge into their beat-heavy production, opening with jangly and warm instrumentation that slowly gives way to vibes straight out of an old James Bond flick. But don't get it twisted—the rhythms at the core of Monster Rally & RUMTUM's new tune are still unabashedly hip-hop."

"Just as fall approaches, these breezy tropical beats keep us nice and warm."
- Tiny Bangs

"A perfect picture of ideal collaboration. The two producers seem to mesh flawlessly, building on each others tropical hip-hop sensibilities."
- Smoke Don't Smoke

"The Prince of Polynesian psychedelia, Monster Rally, returns to the warmth of his tropical, Carribean shorelines in Coasting EP. The EP with RUMTUM is the second chapter in the exotic experimental collaboration. The six tracks expose RUMTUM & Monster Rally’s calypso rhythm and dance styled flavor that will spice up the soul of the New World."
- Windy & Warm

"In an industry full of people ready to jump ship to the latest fad, so deliriously sheeplike in their estranged convictions to remain the most unique, cutting edge and counter culture, it’s awfully refreshing to have artists like Monster Rally & RUMTUM remain so steadfast in their musical conviction. On their second release this year, following the excellent debut collaboration MR&RT in February, these two worldly beat makers have once again come together to compose a collage of Caribbean aesthetics and hip-hop inspired beats."
- Redefine Magazine

"The first collab effort by the duo, MR&RT, was released earlier this year and painted the img of what we hope is the standard for them. Since 2010, Monster Rally has garnered a decent amount of attention for sampling thrift-store bargain records—leaning heavy on the obscure. The entities of the two producers mesh so well due to the lack of vocals, developing a smaller margin for error and allows for the crackling hooks to perpetuate."
- The Record Stack

"Fine usage of samples and arrangements of beats. They explore the different elements of psychedelic and tropical felt rhythms to create a tasteful listening experience."
- That's Deck

"Coasting, which is the duo’s second collaborative release, is inspired by their recent moves. In light of that, it’s probably unsurprising that it evokes some serious wanderlust. Blending hip hop and funk into genres as far flung as Caribbean calypso, Middle Eastern dance, Peruvian cumbia, and Southern soul, Coasting evokes an atmosphere of exploration, curiosity, and wonderment. Without a doubt, you’ll find some real magic here."
- Turntable Kitchen


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