Primary Structures - Primary Structures

Format: 12" black vinyl
Run: 250
Art: Brian Caraway
Release Date: October 11, 2011
Price: $12.00


The debut LP for San Francisco's Primary Structures builds upon previous releases as Lady Genius and Volunteer Pioneer. Engineered and recorded by Jason Kick at Studio Paradiso (San Francisco, California). Mastered by Paul Oldham. Artwork and layout by Brian Caraway; film still from Blondes in the Jungle courtesy of Whitney Horn, Lev Kalman, and Special Affects Films.


01. Primary Structures - Jet Set
02. Primary Structures - The Farm
03. Primary Structures - Balsa Tree
04. Primary Structures - Cannibals
05. Primary Structures - Land of Terror
06. Primary Structures - Flora and Fauna
07. Primary Structures - Bad Kreuznacht
08. Primary Structures - Green Islands



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"A shining testament to a late rock tradition; evolving from some of the best indie acts of the early century. Adding a laid back, garage inspired aesthetic to a more formal rock structure, Primary Structures immediately has me waiting in anticipation for the full album."
- Dingus on Music

"Digestible rhythms produced by solid riffs and a playful touch with some aspects of Pop Rock... they are willing to get across the chest and heart, to keep going on the roads of one of the most beautiful art forms that exist and will exist: the music."
- Matinee As Hell (translated from Spanish)

"This strange encounter between post-punk and pop lyricism - with the singer's voice as the main vector - is enough to raise our membership and make their first album a new playmate for some time."
- Hartzine

"Primary Structures are just what we need, a rock band with no frills, focused on creating solid rock music with a vocalist that isn't afraid to sing without heavy effects."
- We Listen For You

"The more I hear this, the more it starts to slowly sound like Entertainment!’s simple, disarming melodies, with Kyle really selling his vocal instead of the post-modern can’t-be-bothered. I can respect someone who takes their entertaining seriously."
- 7inches

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