Seamonster - Neighbors

Format: 7" Cyan Blue Vinyl
Run: 400
Design: Todd Webb / Matthew Hickey
Release Date: December 4, 2012
Price: Available through the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box series


This single is a cooperative release with Turntable Kitchen as part of their Pairings Box subscription series. With Neighbors, Seamonster gives us a peek into the archives. "Crystal Tear" dates from 2010, and is lyrically based on a turn-of-the-century genre-bending novel by infamous French author Alfred Jarry. The b-side "I Thought I Saw You In My Peripheral Vision" goes back even farther, to Seamonster's early days in 2005. The song was performed almost entirely on a thrifted Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470 keyboard, and features guest vocals by Lacrymosa songstress Caitlin Pasko. Both songs shine shimmering light on different sides of Seamonster's musical coin. Vocal recordings, mixing, and mastering happened in October 2012 with the help of Jacki Paolella at TAP TAP Recordings in Norfolk, Virginia.


01. Seamonster - Crystal Tear
02. Seamonster - I Think I Saw You In My Peripheral Vision



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"Although not precisely new, both of the tracks featured here are exclusive to this release and have never been previously released in any form. The a-side “Crystal Tear” is based upon a novel by Alfred Jarry and features instrumentation recorded from 2010 paired with newly recorded vocals. It builds upon a gently swaying, clean melody that is pillowed with a mesh of shimmering tones, taut acoustic guitar, and a slow, steady rhythm. The result is a soundscape that is hazy and pleasantly dream-like. Meanwhile, the b-side, “I Thought I Saw You In My Peripheral Vision,” is built from music Webb originally recorded in 2005 with an old Yamaha keyboard. It’s now partnered alongside newly recorded vocals and a few “iPad calculator flourishes.” It’s quietly buoyant and charmingly playful with its laid-back, head-bobbingly upbeat tune and swirling keys. Together, the pair of tunes are an irresistibly fun set that compliment one another beautifully."
- Turntable Kitchen

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