Railcars - Said Sister

Format: 7" Black Vinyl
Run: 250 (hand numbered)
Artwork: Jheri Evans
Release Date: April 26, 2011
Price: $6.00


A pair of unearthed gems, mined from early sketches of Railcars brilliance, appear on this gorgeous release. Astute listeners may hear early incarnations of concepts found in the Cities vs Submarines and Cathedral With No Eyes albums. Vocals are provided by early members of the live Railcars show, Biljana Mirkovski for "B's Skeleton" and Dasha Bulatova for "Saints are Waiting".


01. Railcars - B's Skeleton
02. Railcars - Saints Are Waiting



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"It is with Said Sister, a 7’’ where you will find moments of the stunning Cathedral with no Eyes reconfigured in that brutally bewitching fashion which we have come, somewhat unfairly, to expect from this talented dude. Saints are waiting, the A-side, is the folk tale where we hear of a fair maiden of rosy cheeks very much lost in the wrong neck of the brocken woods, that where not even the fiercest wolves dare to hunt, and of the forces that she faces in a blasted clearing in the deepest midst of the self-same woods, and of how she marshals these ancient and perhaps malignant, or maybe just untractable forces, with heirloom spells of coralline glamour hand stitched in the fold of her enchanted cloak. Of how she never comes back, and of the pretty flowers that start blooming in the damned brocken after all of this has happened."
- 20 Jazz Funk Greats

"The creative creator of Railcars, Aria Jalali, provides the imaginative instrumentals for Side-A “B’s Skeleton” and Side-B “Saints Are Waiting” while singers Biljana Mirkovski and Dasha Bulatova, respectively, bring each track back down to planet earth with their vocals."
- Part-Time Music

"This single is a different side of Railcars, featuring two different female vocalists over early tracks and the really interesting part is getting some insight into his live or rehearsal space process, like that Animal Collective Crack Box. These are extremely raw, and I'm a sucker for demo versions on the seven inch single, it's what they were almost made for. Have another look at a new side of an artist, a place for them to defy their own conventions a bit."
- 7inches

"It is surprising to hear Railcars stripped down, without the terrifying noise and Aria Jalali’s Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) like shrieks. Said Sister covers a different side of Jalali’s basement noise pop outfit."
- Fensepost

"Portable love tokens, purchased from a machine buried in the back of a musty arcade. I hoard them, I treasure them, spending hours shining them with an old shirt until I can see my face staring back in the reflection."
- My Eyes Are Diamonds

"Saints are Waiting is basically two songs in one. The first is a rough around the edges, noisey song sang with cold melodies. Halfway through the computer scanner beats temper off, and your left with an expanded piano and simple drum beats, making the rest of the song much more sweet." - Colossal

"As far as we know, Aria Jalali is a very friendly, but quite eccentric type. As the Californians usually so on it is here is not, however, even interested in further, more important is that he actually those rare species is one that truly distinctive sound their own can call a. Railcars' latest disc is a 7" on Gold Robot , and the B-side "Saints Are Waiting" is kind of psychedelic, noisy, kind of sugar-sweet, in a manner very strange and yet damn cool."
- Vice Germany (translation via Google Translate)

"Unlike a lot of other releases from Railcars, the Said Sister 7” brings us a stripped & raw feel, compared to the recent release of Hounds of Love. As if, we’re meant to confuse the medium/low frequency early on, only to have to it become the lead melody of this percussion-barren land, as the vocals seem to be the effort of a maiden after a scorching walk along fruitless grounds."
- AWD Castles

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